Digidrop closely monitors all security updates on the Drupal platform. As a collaborative platform, Drupal is continually evolving and Digidrop ensures that all required updates to the platform, particularly security-related updates, are implemented in a timely fashion. Web security is what we at Digidrop do best - it is an integral part of every website design. You can always feel safe in the knowledge that Digidrop has your web security needs covered.  

Your peace of mind is the minimum standard for any of our security packages. Our DevOps team are the experts when it comes to the intricacies of Drupal Security, at the very forefront of Drupal development; often not just the first to hear about new Drupal updates, but being the driving force behind them. Our proactive position in the Drupal world means your business should never be disadvantaged by surprise updates. Where possible, we give all our clients to schedule in non-critical updates so as to keep a high level of both security and accessibility.