Drupal Staging Environments. Live environments. Testing Environments. Development Environments. Digidrop has all your hosting needs covered, offering managed Drupal hosting.

Web hosting is the foundation of any website build. Like any host, we safeguard and ensure the wellbeing of every website we look after. We have dedicated staff working behind the scenes to keep all our sites updated and free of any issue impacting accessibility. Your website is safe with us, monitored 24/7 as standard. Our experts will review your website to ensure the services we offer are appropriate for you and do everything you want, and more. 

We are more than just a Drupal hosting company; we like to think we offer the best hosting for Drupal and non-Drupal alike.    

Digidrop provides high performance, monitored and secure hosting. Plus, every aspect of Digidrop’s hosting is GDPR compliant. Online security and reliability have never been more important; Digidrop put these at the forefront of everything we do. 

Whatever the set up of your business, Digidrop will blend with your team seamlessly. Digidrop can support your existing admins or be your admins. Digidrop can support multiple hosting environments for our clients, ensuring they are always accessible for updates from your teams or ours. If you have an existing drupal based website in place that suits your operation, we will work with you on that. If we believe edits or additions can be made to improve your existing environments we will always share this with you.. We collaborate, we do not instigate.   

Rest easy with our 99.95% uptime and reliability. Contact us to find out more about how our services assist our clients.