The modern online world can be a difficult one to navigate without the right tools and know-how. At Digidrop, we pride ourselves at being expert on web development; website builds; database management; in fact, anything that has a digital solution. 

Digidrop now employs experience from the broadest of spectrums. Where there may be digital facets that are new to your company, Digidrop are there to support. We can integrate seamlessly into any of your businesses or ventures, but we can also offer training to your own in-house teams so they are armed with the knowledge to use your systems with confidence.

While Digidrop has a range of training options available, we can also prepare a bespoke training course specific to your needs, focusing on the things important to your business.  Whether you need a week’s course or just an hour’s recap; Digidrop are your ideal digital training partners. 

At Digidrop, we do not believe in operating behind a curtain, hidden away. Every one we work with, we work alongside with as a team. We believe the best way to work as a team is to ensure each member knows how their work affects the bigger picture. This can only be achieved by giving our team and partners the tools and the knowledge they need to use what we provide. Even without a formal training program in play, Digidrop’s attentiveness to client confidence will ensure you will know as much about your build as you could possibly want to know.

Our knowledge is not restricted to those with whom we build for. If you, or your team, need to learn in depth about any courses we offer, we are very proud to offer beginner or refresher courses, without any obligation to take on any more of our services. 

Get in touch with Digidrop today to find out how we can provide training, either as standalone or as part of a bigger project.