Posted on: 26th November 2020

I am interested to hear people's general thoughts about Huawei being removed from the UK.

I have heard about people stating that their personal devices are sharing data. However, it is interesting to learn how much kit is already in the UK.

Huawei: BT says 'impossible' to remove all firm's kit in under 10 years.

So it has been agreed that no new 5G equipment from the Chinese firm can be installed after 2021, and that all its existing 5G kit must be removed later - possibly by 2027.

Huawei also provides about 70,000 of Openreach's roadside cabinets, which are used to provide fibre to the cabinet FTTC broadband connections. However, BT does not expect to be ordered to replace these, as they will be superseded in time by FTTP technology.

The US has been urging allies to freeze out Huawei on the grounds that it believes the firm aids Chinese state spying.

Huawei says it employs about 1,600 people in the UK and claims to be one of Britain's largest sources of investment from China.

One consequence of shunning Huawei is that it might lead the company to rethink its research and development investments in the country

The firm has sponsored work at several universities including Imperial College, London, Southampton and Surrey.

What do you think?

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