We specialise in Drupal - Phase 2 live!

We are proud to announce that the development of is now live!

The website is built on a wide array of technologies, from frontend to backend to server infrastructures and custom APIs.

Decoupled is the future

Using Drupal, Vue.js, Laravel, Firebase and external APIs the website allows users to search for their ideal holiday with the ability to choose hotels + flights, hotels and car hire.

The frontend uses Vue.js along with axios to make requests to an external API that returns results via our custom API that inherits and modifies the relay of data. This is all done in milliseconds to display results on the website based off the end-user requirements. 

Drupal is then used as page, destinations and deals data to parse into a JSON:API in Drupal that axios then makes requests to and outputs in Vue.js.

Why all the technologies?

It was decided early on that Drupal as a site would not be a good enough fit for the functionality required, however Drupal was decided to be used as a decoupled approach where the content of the site is stored and updated by content editors. As the system requires an external API due to the billions of data available to be returned. The quickest result would be to use a javascript framework and Vue.js was decided upon due to our in-house skills and how easy its to enhance and load time.

This proved a success as using Vue.js with Drupal JSON:API and our custom Laravel based API allows for a quick return of data and output.

We can easily enhance the functionality and deploy at a moments notice.

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